Client Stories

West Point Construction

Groundworks and Civil Engineering Company

“Plant Manager has proven to be an effective means of tracking, costing, monitoring and achieving better utilisation of our plant and equipment.”

Wayne Butterfield

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Plant Manager client testimonial, west point construction

Morgan Sindall - Grontmij Joint Venture

Construction Company

“I approached Joyce Software after discovering their Plant Manager software and asked them to produce a bespoke plant managment system which would be used to manage our plant and machinery usage across the country for a specified contract. Joyce Software were able to produce a system that exceeded all expectations.”

Andrew Dunn (Managing QS)

Find out how Joyce Software helped Morgan Sindall Grontmij Joint Venture
Joyce Software client testimonial, Morgan Sindall

Kiely Bros.

Surfacing Company

“After running the software for a period of time, KIELY Bros. have found the program to be very user friendly and are now taking advantage of a number of benefits that the program has identified, from saving money on hired plant and having the advantage of keeping accurate and up to date records of owned plant.”

Clare Morris

Find out how Plant Manager helped Kiely Bros.
Plant Manager client testimonial, kiely bros.

Leven Energy Services

Utilities Company

“Plant Manager has been an invaluable tool for our company. Reduced administration time and savings on incorrect invoicing has been remarkable.”

Managing Director

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Plant Manager client testimonial, Leven Energy Services

Armoury Demolition & Recycling

Demolition Company

“Plant Manager manages both our hired and owned plant efficiently, saving the company both time and money. The support received from Joyce Software Services has been very helpful and prompt.”

Tom Cheney

Find out how Plant Manager helped Armoury Demolition & Recycling
Plant Manager client testimonial, Armoury Demolition & Recycling

Bowmer & Kirkland - Northern

Construction Services

“Plant Manager has enabled us to effectively manage our hired plant. The bespoke features that we are now testing, which have been developed specifically for our needs, have been implemented professionally and we have found Joyce Software helpful in every respect.”

Geoff Talbot

Plant Manager client testimonial, Bowmer & Kirkland

Donegan Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Company

“Plant Manager has evolved into a comprehensive system, with customer feedback being the springboard for future enhancements. The service we receive is first class with technical queries being responded to very efficiently.”

Rita Ennis

Plant Manager client testimonial, Donegan Civil Engineering

Dorin Construction

Construction Company

"Excellent system for managing our plant across our complicated group structure."

Paul Moyes

Plant Manager client testimonial, Dorin Civil Engineering

Fit Out Uk (London)

Interiors Contracting Company

"Plant Manager has transformed the way we manage our plant and equipment. The software allows us to get timely reports and reminders to effectively manage our equipment, which has allowed us to save us time and money. In the first three months of using plant manager we have received credits of £14,586 for incorrect hire invoices. I would highly recommend plant manager to any business which hires plant and equipment."

Justin Blair

Plant Manager client testimonial, Fit Out Uk

Leicestershire County Council

County Council

“Plant Manager has made the task of managing our plant so much easier. We’ve found the support backup second to none.”

M Farnish

Plant Manager client testimonial, Leicestershire County Council
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